Your website is the face of your businesses. Your site is the first place a consumer will first make contact with you and experience your brand.

Why is this important?

If your website is in essence the “hub” of your marketing efforts, it should therefore be your greatest investment. If you know that you are going to be sending consumers to your site, whether it’s through organic SEO, traditional or paid advertising you want to be sure that the functionality, layout, design, and content of your site is ready to greet them appropriately. An updated and responsive site not only allows for an optimal user experience, but also can help nurture leads and increase you conversion rates. If you are spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to send people to your site, you want to have the confidence that once they arrive your site will perform well.

Think mobile

As you well know by now, having a responsive site is critical to your online presence. Not just because “Google says so”, but because consumer habits demand it. Web traffic has now crossed over to 50% mobile across the Internet. If I land on your site and it is not mobile responsive, I will likely get frustrated and immediately leave, and probably move on to the next. That is my expectation as a modern day consumer, that you have a site optimized for mobile.

How long will a new website last?

Even after launching a new website a site is truly never “finished”. I know this can seem frustrating at times, but it is actually exciting. The Internet is still the “Wild Wild West” always changing and evolving. Part of the fun challenge is to make sure you are updating your site with Google updates and consumer habits. This will help you with your competitive edge! It is hard to say concretely how long a website will last before needing any grande revisions, a lot of that has to do with how will your site is built and optimized. It is also hard to determine what new technologies will change the game for your site, but on average you can get a few years out of a newly optimized responsive site before worrying about any major overhauls.

Again, you have to see this as an important investment for your companies livelihood, not another expense.

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