Strategic Marketing & Planning

Marketing Strategy & Development | Denver, CO

We get it, the term “marketing strategy” gets thrown around more than free Chapstick. What does it actually mean to have a marketing strategy or a marketing plan? We can show you! It means being smart with your efforts, tactics, and most importantly your dollars. At Haitz Marketing we know how to develop a detailed marketing plan that can keep you on track year round and make you feel confident in how you are budgeting year over year. We love working with our clients to develop a strategy that is effective and helpful. There’s a lot of terminology out there that is used to try and impress or overwhelm clients. We like to keep things simple and believe in educating our clients in a down to earth manner. Feeling the difference yet? Well, maybe not quite yet, but we hope that this shows how we start strategically planning for your local business. If your marketing efforts do not have a good strategy behind them, it will likely be white noise in our already loud world.

Request a Digital Marketing Audit

We like to start off on the right foot. Like a true gentleman on a first date shows up with flowers, we want to get things right from the onset. A marketing audit can give you not only the ten thousand foot view of your business, but detail out where the most ripe opportunities are for your business. We develop a thorough report that details out these opportunities and how we can work together to take advantage of them. Get true detailed information from the start so you can have a better understanding of where your Colorado business is now and where it should be heading.

Have we teased that out enough? Hopefully so, because this could literally change the way you do business and help guide your business on the fast-track for growth. Contact us if you would like more information on how to arrange your online marketing audit. We think you will love, love, love it!