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We know that Search Engine Optimization seems like an ominous term that gets thrown a lot to overwhelm you and make things sound overly complicated. Our approach is simple, yet very detailed. It takes hundreds of details in order to give your business the best results for showing up in local search. We have tangible means to optimize your website and listings in order to increase your keyword rankings over time. That’s right, there are very actionable and explainable tactics that we work through and educate our clients on in order to build success and to make sure there’s understanding in the value of what you are receiving. Again, for us it comes back to educating our clients on our work, not trying to sound overly “techy” in order to dodge hard questions. We understand the tremendous value of having your business show up on the first page of Google for local Colorado business queries, so let’s see get the needle moving in the right direction for you.

SEO and Local Search Specialist in the Denver metro area

Does SEO Really Matter for My Small Business?

Great question! Yes. Nearly 90% of consumer research starts with a simple Google search and it is becoming more and more rare for consumers to go on to the 2nd and 3rd page listings. Because of this trend, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to show up on first page listings within the Google 3-pack or the organic listings. Let’s say you get a large amount of your business through referrals – that’s great! But consumers are still going to pop your name in a search query…and what will they find? Are your results clean, easy to find, or even impressive? Or are things chaotic and messy portraying a negative impression of your business? These are all things we can work with you on in order to improve your local Colorado SEO results. After all, you researched us (told ya)…

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