2018 New Years Marketing Resolutions – A New Website

For most, resolutions (both personal and professional) barely make it through day 3 of the new year. Not the case this time around for us over here at Haitz Marketing. We were bound and determined to launch brand new responsive website this January dang it. As many of you know, a website nowadays needs some solid love every couple years or so. For us we decide to just create an entirely new one!

This project was definitely a labor of love (as a website should be). Like most marketing companies in Denver, it can be difficult to take care of your own website when you are concentrating so much on your clients. So staying focused and setting timelines was crucial for this internal project.

While finishing this process, we wanted to share some tips and information on how to start your own website redesign. We hope you find this information handy. Let’s dig in!

Start By Choosing A Template

For our website, we loved the unique layout and designed elements of this new format paired with the functionality (specifically for mobile). This is where you want to start with any website. Chose your custom blue print/layout template, this will drive the design and functionality. Once you have the overarching template, you’re ready to begin populating your site. We spent hours integrating our branding, messaging, and functionality to represent Haitz Marketing in the right manner. When recreating your own site, make sure to give your self time to make these choices intentionally. We find reviewing things and then making yourself step away from the project for a bit, or even taking a stroll around the block can give you some clarity as too what you’re looking. After a while it can be difficult to see what you’re looking at or even like by starring at it for hours on end.

Finalize Content

From there, we were able to port over much of our content, but that needed some TLC too. If you have an existing website, you may be able to salvage a lot of your content (which is ideal), otherwise you’ll have to write content for each page prior to creating them. Make sure you spend time strategically thinking about what you want to highlight on your pages and what calls-to-action you want to integrate. Once you have the template and content ready your website momentum will really be in swing.

Choose Colors, Fonts, & Branding

Even something like choosing a font, which sounds simply, can have a dramatic impact on your site look and feel. At this part in the site design you need to make sure you slow down and spend time prioritizing these details. Now that you have the infrastructure of you site ready, you need to make sure it is displayed in an attractive and engaging way. Don’t hurry this process, make sure you chose the branding the will exude your brand best. If you have a logo and branding colors, great! This will save time. But if not you want to be sure you have a professional designer help you establish these guidelines for your brand. This flow into everything within your site and ensure continuity.

Photography Is Pivotal

We added in custom amazing photography from Iron Wing Studios in Cincinnati. We felt that there was no one better who could capture the essence of our brand. Using custom photos that aren’t stock photos goes a long long long long long way when creating a new website. Not that stock images don’t have their place, but nothing can beat a true photographers work. If you have a tight budget, I’d recommend trying to find a local photography with good reviews who could do some brand photos in a few hours. If you have use stock photography, try to make sure you find unique imagery that doesn’t look cheesy. This all effects the engagement and confidence of your brand for users when they’re on your website.

Launch It

Our rule of thumb is if the site is 80% done, then launch it! As long as you have the vitals and majority of the project complete go ahead and publish it. You can always add things and rearrange details once the site is live. Having it live will also help motivate you to get the last little tasks done. After all, a website is never 100% complete. It’s a living evolving thing that you will need to update and add to regularly.

Lastly, try and have fun! A website is the digital representation of YOU, YOUR brand. We tried to include having humor and fun elements across the site that stayed true to who we are at Haitz Marketing. If you have compliments about our site (ah thank you) or questions about your own, we’d love to hear from you. We also hope that your 2018 business resolutions are well underway and the keeping your website mobile friendly and up-to-date stays at the top of your priority list. Cheers to you and your Colorado business in 2018!

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