Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing & Advertising | Denver, CO

Quite frankly, you need to be participating in some form of digital advertising in order to maximize your online marketing effectiveness. Haitz Marketing offers display advertising, retargeting, Social media advertising, and pre roll video ads. This includes demographic targeting, geo-fencing, contextual and behavior targeting/advertising options. We offer creative asset creation of all ads for all of these platforms, including mobile friendly ads. All digital advertising campaigns come with customized reporting and analytics results and optimizations of your campaign.

Pre-Roll & Video Advertising

Video ads served via the AdExchange network to targeted consumers, typically fifteen to thirty seconds in length. Video production costs including within these campaigns.

Display Advertising

These are digital display ads served on a variety of website within your targeted marketing geo to your targeted demographics. This includes retargeting consumers who have shown propensity to purchase your service or product by reserving them ads.

PPC & AdWords

We can help either optimize your current PPC campaign or launch an one a campaign on the behalf of your business. This method helps you show up in search results for key phrases your audience searches for and can assist in bringing in new qualified leads via pad search.

With our local and national media partnership, Haitz Marketing can help target any audience within Colorado or across the country with targeted digital advertising. We can help develop a digital ad campaign that directly targets and identifies the exact consumers at the right time to bring in new business or brand your business. Have questions? Contact us today about how digital advertising can benefit your Colorado business.