Data & Analytics Marketing

Google Analytics, Reporting & Analysis | Denver

It use to be impossible to really track ROI on what worked with your marketing and advertising campaigns. That is no longer the case (or at least it shouldn’t be…)! When you work with Haitz Marketing, you will receive analytical marketing reports for your Colorado or national campaigns. You will be able to see true attributions instead of being left with hunches and assumptions. We are Google Analytics Certified and Programmatic Media Certified, so we know not only how to pull data but more importantly how to interpret it. If you run a Colorado-wide advertising campaign, wouldn’t you want to know if you had better engagement with your ads in the DTC verses Boulder? Of course! You should be able to gain knowledge from campaign to campaign and build optimizations and success.

We have experience in running campaigns across the state of Colorado with a variety of goals and tactics. These feature, but were not limited to;

  • Email Marketing
  • Database Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Programmatic Media
  • Display & Retargeting
  • PPC & AdWords

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