Rejoice Denver West! For the days of overpriced movie theater’s and underwhelming movie experiences is over. The Alamo at Sloans Lake is the perfect combination of fun, value, and experience. How have they created such a fun and experiential place that is distinctly unique in a world chock-full of movie theaters? I will show you…

1. Blending in/elevating West Colfax Culture

During a time in Denver when one day you walk down the street and a quaint building is mysteriously replaced by a square modern town home, The Alamo made a conscious effort to appreciate the west side Colfax’s charm. Many downtown areas (especially The Highlands) have begun to lose the original neighborhood character during our explosive renaissance. Although it is an exciting time of growth for our city, it can be sad to see so many historic and corky buildings being replaced by town home lookalikes. The Alamo however has a fun retro feel that makes you instantly want to stay as long as possible. Tin ceilings with vintage lighting and mosaic floors make you feel that this could’ve been a part of the original 40 west developments decades ago. Did I mention the awesome marquee signs? As you take a walk through the lobby and into the bar you feel that this place fits-in. It is distinctly different yet somehow well related to it’s counterpart theater in Littleton. If you were to place the Littleton theater as-is at Sloans, it would feel out of place. That’s one of the great things about this new location and how brilliantly it blends in to the neighborhood.


2. Eventful Experience

It is evident that from the moment you purchase your tickets and either turn left and visit the Barfly bar and lounge, or head straight to your theater seats, The Alamo is all about experience. This is what makes it difficult to go to any other theater once you have been to a movie here. It resembles the feeling of going to a live theater or the like where it is truly an event, verses buying a $5 coke and $7 popcorn shuffling down the mall like hallways and watching the virtual roller coaster from your stiff seat. I imagine that The Alamo experience has a likeness to going to the movies back in the 1950’s. Back when it was a special and eventful treat to go with friends or on a date. I can only imagine the number of countless hours poured into their staff in order to create this culture and experience. One thing I love is that they are clear on no talking or phone usage during the film, so those times your movie being ruined by someone texting or talking through the entire film next to you are over. You also get localized content, food and drink all while not paying a king’s ransom. Genius! This is a place where you can spend time and enjoy yourself, rather than fast-tracking in and out to your car.


3. Eats & Drinks


So I already teased this slightly…but the focus on great food and local brews is amazing! Carnitas fries and Seedstock beer?! Yes please. They have really put emphasis not only on Denver foodie trends, but on the west-side’s local beer and eats.  They offer everything from pizza to Bahn mi and wondrous cocktails and milkshakes. Plenty of veggie and vegan options are available too. You can get top notch service from the comfort of your theater seat, even alcoholic beverages. One of my most anticipated things for me is their great food and movie themed pairings. I can’t wait to see what future special events they hold!

4. Humor

I appreciate humor more than most, and this establishment makes me appreciate it even more. From their branded promos and reminders, to the random themed-clips playing prior to your movie, these are things you will actual enjoy instead of avoid at the typical theater. I enjoy showing up 30 minutes early in order to watch the hilarious batch of scenes they’ve selected that play into the movie’s genre. I have no idea where they find these outlandish clips, and I feel for the person who has to scan through hours of bizarre film to create each reel, but I am glad he/she does! To sum up, they’re very good at jokes, get there early and enjoy.

5. Something for All

If your not a movie buff, don’t fret. If you don’t like delicious craft beer, not to fear. If you’d rather not attend local events, it’s OK! All that to say that this place is much more than just a movie theater, it is an opportunity to hang out with good people, enjoy tasty food and drink, laugh, be entertained and make your time here whatever you want it to be. I think as a Denver local and as a marketer, I am super impressed on how this place has created such an intentional environment that anyone can enjoy themselves. All the details are setup right, now it is just up to your to stroll on over and make them most of it.

    • Yep! They have free parking around back as well as some street parking. Not a huge lot, but if you got there you will be OK.

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