As the digital climate continues to change in 2016,¬†what efforts will you be making to keep your marketing fresh? I’ve complied a short list of some of my own recommendations. I hope you find it helpful when constructing your 2016 marketing plan!

1. Display & Video Advertising: This is one of the most affordable and most effective mediums of advertising. Whether you are in a competitive market, or have smaller budgets than your competition, this is a great tactic to run very targeted ads online to consumers.

2. Facebook Retargeting Ads: Facebook’s ad capabilities are bigger and better than ever. I have seen great results for small businesses running not only newsfeed and right rail ads, but retargeting ads too. You can run these ads with a budget as low as $150 per month.

3. Offsite SEO: We continue to see that Google continues to value offsite SEO, so when considering your SEO strategy make sure you leave room for opportunities such as directories, review sites, guest blogging etc. These all work as arrows pointing to your site and building credibility within Search Engines.

4. PR & Local Media: The value of local media for a small to midsize business cannot be overstated. Build a reputation through local exposure is invaluable! I would concentrate on sponsoring a local event or pitching something newsworthy a few times per year. This has some many benefits besides just being on local news (SEO, backlinks, impressions). Well worth the effort!

5. Reviews: I ready a study that said over 67% of consumers are influenced by reviews. They are extremely valuable, yet very hard to obtain. I would concentrate on getting more reviews on Google and then Yelp. These will both help your business listing impressions. Setup a follow up plan with current clients to reach out and make the ask. Remember to make things as simple as possible, otherwise people won’t take the time to leave you one.

I hope some of this helped, please feel free to share!

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